NO THANKS s/t 7"

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No Thanks was started early 2013 by Brandon Smith (vocals, drummer of Thought Crime) and Skyler Storm (guitar, of Steady Mobbin) to put Oklahoma Straight Edge back on the map, to bring the spirit of '88 in the Oklahoma hardcore scene. The two recorded a 6-song demo, that was released digitally in July 2013. In the meantime, Brandon and Skyler had managed to put a full line-up together, and No Thanks played its first official show at the Endless Summer Fest in Tulsa, OK, the same month. No Thanks played some other shows in the Summer, and a demo tape release show in November. The band started working on songs for their debut 7", which was delayed due to several line-up changes and a long period of in activity. No Thanks started playing local shows again late 2014, and will release their 7 song debut 7" on Dutch straight edge label Commitment Records in September 2015. No Thanks play energetic youthcrew hardcore, with songs touching not only the usual subjects like the benefits of a drugfree lifestyle and friendship, but also questioning the position of women in our society, the way people behave on the internet and the struggle those who are less fortunate have to deal with in our society. The record comes on black (100 copies) and blue viinyl (200 copies), in artwork done by Ev of Mindset/React! Records fame.